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Power Struggles: Hydro Development and First Nations in Manitoba and Quebec
Thibault Martin and Steven H. Hoffman, eds.
University of Manitoba Press

Silenced Rivers: The Ecology and Politics of Large Dams
Patrick McCully
Zed Books (London)
1996 (revised 2001)

First Nations and Hydroelectric Development in Northern Manitoba: The Northern Flood Agreement – Issues and Implications
Jean-Luc Chodkiewicz and Jennifer Brown eds.
University of Winnipeg

People and Land in Northern Manitoba
Lithman, Riewe, Wiest, Wrigley eds.
University of Manitoba
(contains chapters regarding Manitoba Hydro)

As Long as the Rivers Run: Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities in Western Canada
James B. Waldram
University of Manitoba Press

This Land Is Not For Sale: Canada’s Original People and Their Land – A Saga of Neglect, Exploitation, and Conflict
Hugh McCullum and Karmel Taylor McCullum
Anglican Book Centre (Toronto)
(contains material regarding Manitoba Hydro)

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