Protect the PUB – Oppose Bill 36

Protect the PUB Coalition Website

The Interchurch Council on Hydropower has joined with several other organizations to form the Coalition for an Independent Public Utilities Board in order to protect the PUB and the interests of Manitobans

The PC government recently brought forward the new Bill 36 – The Manitoba Hydro Amendment and the Public Utilities Board Amendment Act which the opposition party chose to delay until Fall 2022.

We are working to oppose this bill for several reasons:

  1. Bill 36 could raise the price of hydro electricity for Manitobans.
  2. Bill 36 allows any current and future government to create new rules on how electricity rates are set without having to justify it before the Legislative Assembly.
  3. Bill 36 also disproportionately impacts vulnerable Manitobans as it strips the Public Utilities Board (PUB) of its impartial oversight role in setting hydro and natural gas rates for Manitobans.
  4. Bill 36 muzzles the PUB from being able to critique government’s actions
  5. Bill 36 limits hearings from a live, in person setting to strictly written presentations and/or done behind closed doors.
  6. Bill 36 makes major changes to Hydro before the results of two major reviews of its operations have been completed.

This is a complicated bill – for more detailed information please visit the coalitions website where you will find a comprehensive summary of changes.

We are also asking that you follow this link and submit a letter of inquiry to your MLA and the government in order to let them know that we are paying attention and want more explanation to what their intent is with this Bill.

If you want to do more, please contact Amanda Leighton through our Interchurch FB page here, or you can email us at

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