Friends of Hydro Impacted Communities

Let’s Work Together to Make it Right


Since the 1970’s the Interchurch Council on Hydropower (ICH), formerly the Interchurch Task Force on Northern Flooding, has been advocating for a just resolution to the ongoing harms caused to the lives, livelihoods and environments of Indigenous communities by the flooding of their lands and construction of transmission lines for the purpose of generating electricity for southern consumers.

Recently the Council has launched an initiative called mamawi-kwayask-itastâtân (Let’s Work Together to Make it Right) inviting Manitoba churches to partner with Indigenous community groups in projects that seek to reverse those harms and contribute to communities’ resilience, livelihoods, healing and wellness, and safety for children and youth. We ask church groups, in the spirit of reconciliation, to roll up their sleeves, contribute time and skills, raise funds if needed, and work with our Indigenous neighbours on projects where communities are ‘in the driver’s seat’.

In our experience, a good way to explore the possibility for such a partnership is to sit together, share food and stories, and seek to understand community members’ vision for their future; to identify the strengths, gifts, experience, skills and wisdom that they can bring to actions that lead towards that future; and how neighbours from outside the community might support those activities.

To start a conversation, please feel free to get in touch with Interchurch Council members Robert Miller (tel. 204-255-1131) or Amanda Leighton (tel 204-668-6662) or email

Ellen Cook (Grand Rapids), Co-chair