A Spirited Dialogue

Polarization Public debate too often slides toward polarization. Battle lines are drawn, arguments are lined up, and charged rhetoric replaces what is really needed: reasoned inquiry into the pros, cons and nuances of an issue. Rather than broadening public understanding, this form of public discourse simply entrenches people in pre-existing views.

Temptation This site could easily succumb to the temptation of polarized debate. We hope it doesn’t. We hope it fosters robust, multi-dimensional public inquiry into issues related to hydro-electricity in Manitoba. Whatever perspective you bring, we hope this site broadens your understanding of those you disagree with and deepens your comprehension of the issues at play.

Non-affiliated The Interchurch Council on Hydropower has no direct political or economic stake in hydro-electric development. We are not officially affiliated with any political party or Aboriginal body.

Long haul Nor are we subject to the condensed timelines of electoral cycles. We are in this for the long haul, with an interest to ensure respectful treatment of the earth and fair relationships between peoples at either ends of the transmission lines that link the north and the south.

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