School Curriculum

In 2014, ICH Co-Chair Derek Eidse (who is also a high school teacher), created a unit of study on the impact of hydroelectric development in Northern Manitoba. This unit is part of a larger section on Colonization that can be taught in a Gr. 9 Social Studies, Gr. 12 Global Issues, or any Indigenous Studies course. It’s a unit plan of significant length, so feel free to pick and choose/adapt it for your particular context.

 Hydro Section of the Unit Plan           PDF Logo    DOC Logo
Handouts            PDF Logo
More Handouts            PDF Logo
Sad Sort of Clean Slideshow            PPT Logo
Clean Environment Commission Role Play            PDF Logo      and Marking Rubric      PDF Logo

To view the full Colonization Unit Plan, go to the Manitoba Educators for Social Justice site where it is hosted.

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