The Multi-Billion Dollar Question Candidates Are Not Debating

Former Manitoba Hydro transmission engineer Dennis Woodford suggests Manitobans might be best off if the Bipole III and Keeyask projects were put on hold to thoroughly review the prudence of completing them. Below is his article from the April 5, 2016 Winnipeg Free Press. Continue reading “The Multi-Billion Dollar Question Candidates Are Not Debating”

Free Press opinion piece

From Jan 6, 2016 Winnipeg Free Press   Hydro’s outlook still unsettled By Will Braun Winnipeg Free Press, Jan 6, 2016 The provincial government has weathered the major storms of scrutiny created by its Manitoba Hydro-related decisions in recent years, but it still faces three awkward dilemmas in 2016. First, a survey of the current situation. Despite sustained opposition to the $4.6-billion Bipole III transmission project, the government wavered not. And by the time the April election is done, Hydro will have spent about $2 billion on the project, so even if there is a change in government, a change … Continue reading Free Press opinion piece